The future is electric: palfinger at transport & logistikk 2019

The future is electric: palfinger at transport & logistikk 2019

Norway is committed to alternative drive systems and sustainability. No other European country has quite as many electric and hybrid vehicles (INSERT LINK), something that can is very much in evidence on the streets of Oslo. Norway is thus clearly taking on a pioneering role – one more reason for PALFINGER, as a driver of innovation, to take part in the Transport & Logistikk trade fair in Oslo.

PALFINGER is aware of its ecological responsibility and has therefore been offering alternative drive systems for some time now. These sustainable products are characterised not only by the way in which they minimise energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions, but also by how they maximise safety during product operation.

In addition to the tried-and-tested PALFINGER products, our partner PALFINGER NORGE also presented innovative electric lifting solutions to interested visitors at Transport & Logistikk 2019. The focus was on the PK 18502 SH loader crane and the PK 370 KS E access platform.

Thomas Klomsæt from Kran & Transport AS had the opportunity to test the PK 18502 SH in and around Oslo in the weeks leading up to the trade fair. He was impressed by its performance and its flexibility in particular. ‘This is definitely a technology that has a future in Norway’, said Thomas, who is currently looking forward to receiving his brand-new PK 92002 SH, which was also at the trade fair for visitors to see (and test).

PK 18502 SH – the flexible electric concept crane

This can be operated either with a plug-in electric drive or fully autonomously with a battery pack, which can in turn be supplied via the power grid or a generator. With this charging option, the battery can also be charged during travel or while the truck’s engine is running, which ensures that the crane can be operated all day. Quiet, zero-emissions crane operation is crucial especially for work in urban areas, at night or inside buildings.

P 370 KS E – the first electrically operated access platform from PALFINGER

This exceptionally quiet, efficient and zero-emissions premium-class access platform has been optimised for night-time and indoor use. The combination of a diesel and electric drive system means that it delivers the performance and service life of a diesel engine but at low operating costs, with significant fuel savings, reduced noise and lower CO2 emissions. The intelligent energy management system ensures the seamless interaction of electric motors, hydraulic pumps and the integrated battery charging system.

The future is electric – in Norway, the topic of sustainability is already a part of everyday life. PALFINGER is going one step further, because sustainability is not only about the environment. Safety and energy consumption during operation and optimised maintenance also play a key role in increasing product lifetime.

Some of PALFINGER’s electric lifting solutions are sure to be seen in Norway in the near future. But you better keep your eyes peeled, because you certainly won’t hear them. 😊

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