The role of Europe for peace and the world

The role of Europe for peace and the world

Peace, economy and sustainable development are crucial global topics that cannot be addressed by individual nations alone. Therefore, it is adequate to debate the role of the peace project Europe while also looking beyond European borders.

This just happened at the 15th Salzburg Europe Summit supported by PALFINGER. Our CEO Andreas Klauser joined the event and took part in the interesting exchange

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. “Debating the role of Europe is always exciting to me”, the CEO states.

“Peace and peace-inducing measures are of huge importance to me”, Andreas Klauser emphasizes. “Besides the interesting debate of how the united Europe meets the expectations that come with being declared as a peace project or how implementing the common currency contributes to peace, the summit also deals with the recently upcoming topic of conflict management in Europe. Companies had the opportunity to get in touch with relevant political and economic representatives. These are the reasons for PALFINGER to support this summit and for me to take part in it myself”

The title of this exchange about significant European topics such as the economic development since the Euro introduction in 1999 or the Ukrainian conflict situation read “Europe & Peace: 1919 – 989 – 2019”. This refers to milestones in European history: the end of World War I, the teardown of the Berlin Wall and the present state of the Union. However, one question overarching this summit was: “What is the role of Europe for global peace?”

Taking on this question, let us take a closer look at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 16 states “Peace, justice and strong institutions”. Only strong institutions are capable of upholding economic and political stability and are thus crucial for conflict mitigation. Goal 17 calls for “Partnerships for the goals” and emphasizes on the importance of international cooperation for sustainable development.

This makes for a clear statement: Taking on global challenges of our time requires the power of a united Europe. Thus, it is the global role of Europe to be that strong institution and international partnership the SDGs call for.

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