The UN Climate Change Summit 2019 – And our task!

The UN Climate Change Summit 2019 – And our task!

Yesterday, September 23rd, the United Nations Climate Change Summit took place in New York. Various nations, private sector representatives, the European Union as well as companies showed their commitment to fighting climate change. While some focused on financial support for the Green Climate Fund, others committed to emission decreases (e.g. Germany: net zero emissions by 2050), expanding renewable energy generation methods (e.g. India) or planting trees nationwide (Pakistan). In addition to that, Russia ratified the Paris Agreement being the 187th country to do so.
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This is what countries, corporations and cooperatives are about to do. But it is just as well a task for us, the people, to make a contribution. Call it responsibility, call it a task – All that matters in the end is the realization that we should not just rely on politics and “the big ones” but take matters into our own hands just as equally. We have the power!

We have an effect on climate and our environment by means of lifestyle. You can even get some facts and numbers about that by using easy and free online calculation tools. One such tool estimates your individual per year carbon emission amount. Take 12.8 tons of CO2 emissions per average Austrian as a reference. Another method is called the “ecological footprint”, a combined metaphorical and science-based approach

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. It basically points out the amount of earth-like planets required if anyone lived your lifestyle. An average Austrian requires more than three planets Earth. That’s more than two planets beyond availability. Find a nice tool here.

Feel free to take a few minutes and run these calculators on yourself – how do you perform? Is there any room for improvement? Are you a sustainability champion already?

By the way, this is an excellent opportunity to initiate the series of blog posts striving to answer the question of “How can I contribute?” teasered in the blog article about what sustainability is. The first topic to talk about will be an exciting one right off the bat: everyday mobility. Grab a nice cup of (organic!) coffee and dive into it head first – it will not hurt.

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