The world of PALFINGER – World conference in the PALFINGER WORLD

The world of PALFINGER – World conference in the PALFINGER WORLD

After the new building of the PALFINGER WORLD in Lengau had attracted many curious glances during the construction phase, the gates were finally opened to outsiders. The Dealer Conference and the opening of the PALFINGER WORLD took place on the 19th May 2017. The weather was also perfect. In bright sunshine and blue skies, the dealers could take an exclusive glimpse into the PALFINGER WORLD. In this blog article we will now answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the PALFINGER WORLD.

Why is the PALFINGER WORLD located in Lengau?

A question that has already been asked by many, is the question of location. Why, therefore, is the PALFINGER WORLD in Lengau, a small Upper Austrian municipal village, which is not exactly the hub of the world

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. Well, apart from the fact that the world’s largest PALFINGER factory is located in Lengau, the location can also be seen as a tribute to the company’s origins. 85 years ago no one would have thought that a globally active company such as PALFINGER would develop from a locksmith’s business in the small town of Schärding in Upper Austria.

What can visitors experience at the PALFINGER WORLD?

The aim of the PALFINGER WORLD is to give visitors a good overview of the company. In addition to product diversity and the global network, the company values and the people behind PALFINGER are also presented. This is intended to create a comprehensive picture of the brand and not just a list of company successes.

Built over three levels with a total area of more than 850 square meters, potential customers, media or workers are guided by a personal PALFINGER tour guide. The one-hour tour can be adapted to the individual visitors. Content, which is particularly interesting for the group, can also be considered in depth. To ensure that the personal touch is not lost during the guided tours, the group size is limited to max. 30 People.

What kind of installations are available at the PALFINGER WORLD?

  1. The guided tour starts with a look at the history of PALFINGER.
  2. The heart of PALFINGER WORLD is the state-of-the-art 3D cinema, with a wall and floor projection of over 120 square meters.
  3. On the first floor, the company’s employees introduce themselves by means of rotating Screens.
  4. On the second floor, crane models can be operated by means of original control Units.
  5. Hydraulics and electronics are explained and experienced in an intuitive way.
  6. The various product areas of PALFINGER can be viewed more closely using touch Screens.
  7. Equipped with VR glasses, the visitors can try a (virtual) ride on an aerial work platform.

How can the PALFINGER WORLD be used?

In addition to the guided tours through the PALFINGER WORLD, the building can also be used to organize company-related events. The technical equipment of the WORLD with high-resolution beamer and defined sound system offers the best infrastructure requirements.

Who was responsible for the implementation of the PALFINGER WORLD?

The building was erected by Strabag. The companies Fresh FX and ARS Electronica were mainly responsible for the technical implementation of the content. Of course, our marketing team also invested a lot of sweat, time and heart blood in the concept, as well as the creation of the content.


650 square meter exhibition area
200 square meter hand over area
7 interactive installations
22 screens
18 touch screens
120 square meter 3D-Projection area
48.000 meters of cables
710 cubic meters concrete
1.300 square meters hollow walling
1.000 square meters  AluCobond facade
37 tons reinforced steel
900 square meters acoustic walling and ceiling covering

What happens in the hand over area?

The new hand over area  is about “even more than machinery” – the vehicle hand over becomes an experience. The customer is well taken care of and feels appreciated. At best, he thinks: “They have given me such a good experience, so I’ll be back”.

The individual design from us, in other words “customer wishes” take several weeks of detailed work from the theoretical drawing phase, and are finally presented in the perfect setting. On the day of hand over, we pay full attention to the new achievement (turnkey solution). The vehicle with headlights and flashing lights switched on is ready awaiting first inspection.

First there is the theoretical training of the systems. Subsequently, the different topic areas are again tested in practice (using the official guidelines). For all questions and concerns, two employees are available during the delivery process.

This is always the moment of truth because not only the customers are proud of their new vehicle, but for us the hand over and direct feedback from the purchaser and operator are a fantastic experience which contributes to a good and sustainable relationship.

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