Unbeatable in urban areas: the crawler crane as a specialist in towns and cities

Unbeatable in urban areas: the crawler crane as a specialist in towns and cities

The term ‘urban jungle’ may call to mind asphalt, concrete and built-up areas, but not necessarily our off-road specialist, the PCC 57.002, for which awkward urban scenarios are a perfect playground. Its compact dimensions and manoeuvrability are truly impressive – and its mission usually begins at the point where trucks can go no further . It negotiates even narrow passages with apparent ease and proves itself as an unfolding marvel wherever it is needed

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Who doesn’t know and love them? Historic cityscapes with winding streets, narrow passages and picturesque courtyards. What represents a divine recreational setting for visitors and tourists can become a nightmare for residents as a moving date approaches or when sensitive conversion and renovation work needs to be carried out. For construction service providers, scenarios like these often spell the end before the assignment even begins, because the access roads are too tight or simply too awkward for trucks.

Crawler Crane: expert in urban areas

Not so with the PALFINGER PCC 57.002 crawler crane. It really shines during such deployments. Thanks to its compact design, it is around 50 centimeters narrower than a conventional truck. At 1.9 meters wide and 2.8 meters high (with the crawler), it can thus get through very tight entrances. What’s more, in particularly tight situations, the crane module can be separated from the crawler chassis by means of the stabilizers and, at 2.1 meters high, can pass through the lowest of passages by shifting, whereby the unit moves on its stabilizer outriggers. Lateral shifting also means that it can negotiate obstacles or particularly sensitive surfaces easily without touching the ground. For turning movements on the stand, screw-in plastic floor protectors can be mounted to protect historic flooring.

Preventing unhealthy emissions and noise

Incidentally, the crawler crane is controlled wirelessly – using the PALcom P7 radio remote control developed by PALFINGER – from wherever is most suitable. This allows it to go through any narrow passageway and past any obstacle with a high degree of precision and sensitivity. The radio remote control also allows the entire crane unit to be levelled out using the easy-to-operate telescopic stabilizers before it sets about its actual task. The crawler crane demonstrates not only manoeuvrability, but also enormous power through its sophisticated hydraulics in the knuckle boom system when it comes to advancing into inaccessible rooms through tiny windows and moving heavy loads there while in an overstretched state, for example.

The fact that the optional electric drive system is essential for preventing unhealthy emissions or bothersome noise in urban areas or during indoor work will probably not come as a surprise to anyone at this point. With the PCC 57.002, PALFINGER has thought of everything.

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