We are blazing our own trail: step by step, quarter by quarter

We are blazing our own trail: step by step, quarter by quarter


Andreas Klauser, who has been the CEO of PALFINGER AG since 1 June 2018, says: “Thanks to strong demand, we were able to continue our profitable growth.” His outlook for the second half of the year is optimistic: “For 2018 as a whole, we will again expect to increase in revenue and operating profitability, as well as a higher net income than in 2017.”

The PALFINGER Group’s half-year results speak for themselves: The PALFINGER Group is continuing on its trajectory of profitable growth. Business in Europe contributed the most, but sales performance in North America, China and Russia was satisfactory, too. Not only did revenue grow by 6.4 per cent to EUR 801.9 million, but profitability also increased. EBIT normalized by restructuring costs rose by 8.3 per cent and the double-digit margin we confirm on the right track.

2018 wants to be a good year

We expect the good business performance to continue throughout 2018, with higher revenue than in the previous year and increase in earnings as well, confirming our enhanced profitability. Incoming orders are still at a high level and have our hands full eliminating the order backlog

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. We want to continue our intensive restructuring work in the SEA segment; The slight improvement in the market environment is not sufficient to induce a long-term stimulation of our business activities. All measures are focused on implementing our vision, thus addressing the digital transformation of our industry and our customers. Our vision remains unchanged: Together we are shaping the future of our customers’ lifting solutions.

Click here for the Interim Report for the First Half of 2018: Thinking in terms of solutions .

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