What wouldn‘t exist without bees, or in other words why PALFINGER supports Hektar Nektar

What wouldn‘t exist without bees, or in other words why PALFINGER supports Hektar Nektar

Bees not only produce honey, they also bear responsibility for tomorrow. Due to their great ecological importance and responsibility, they make a considerable contribution to the conservation of wild and cultivated plants and their yields.

No more chocolate, coffee or jelly babies – unimaginable for many! Most people think of honey first when bees are dying. But there are many products that would be lost without bees. Here is a small selection.

If plants and trees are not pollinated, new fruits don’t grow. Even the most ignorant person can imagine what this scenario means worldwide. Thus, the bee is the third most important domestic animal of mankind and, incidentally, provides e.g. for an economic performance of 2 billion euros per year in Germany and 14.6 billion dollars in the USA. Much more drastically scientists say: If there were no more bees, humans would have died out after 4 years!

In the last years the dying of bees was clearly noticed, the so-called “Colony collapse disorder”. That means that there is a strong decrease of the number and/or density of honey bee colonies world-wide

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. The reasons are manifold: Varroa mites (parasites), pesticides, lack of food, environmental pollution, lack of plant diversity and climatic changes.

In order to counteract this Hektar Nektar has decided to dedicate themselves to the big topic of bee protection, with the overall aim of increasing the bee population again. Since its foundation in October 2017, Hektar Nektar has dedicated itself to the digital bee trade via the Hektar Nektar marketplace. Thus, bee colonies are sent to dedicated beekeepers, who can grow to full bloom and thrive there. The ‘PROJEKT 2028’ was launched in autumn 2018. With this project, companies in Austria and Germany are making it easier for beekeepers to start beekeeping.

Since July 2019 PALFINGER supports the PROJEKT 2028 and five beekeepers, each with a beekeeping starter set with the necessary documents, materials, beehives and not to forget the bees, in order to make it easier for the beekeepers to start beekeeping. “Regionality, diversity and species diversity are important to us. The bee is an essential element in the natural cycle. The effects that the extinction of bees would have on nature and humans would be dramatic. That is why it is important for us to support the project. The bee is a wonder of nature in terms of performance, efficiency and speed.” – Daniela Werdecker-Davies

PALFINGER’s first official beekeeper that we support is Franz Schindlauer. The young beekeeper comes from Attnang-Puchheim (Austria), started 5 years ago and currently has 7 bee colonies. “What fascinates me about bees is how such a small insect actually (mostly unconsciously by humans) has such a big influence on our habitat. Like the interaction of so many individuals contributing to a whole.” – Frank Schindlauer

Here you can learn more about Franz and his bee colonies.

And here you can see the progress of PALFINGERs support.

In addition to supporting the PROJECT 2028, PALFINGER itself has settled two bee colonies on the grounds of its headquarters in Bergheim, Salzburg. They are looked after by two PALFINGER employees – passionate beekeepers. In addition, the planting of a flower meadow next to the beehives is planned.

Like the bees, PALFINGER takes responsibility for tomorrow. Efficient use of resources and avoidance of hazardous waste are declared goals at PALFINGER. Living sustainability is the responsibility for tomorrow.

But not only we as a company can do something, every single one of us can take initiatives and do big things for our bees. Therefore, special attention should be paid to so-called flower strips. These are simply areas that have not been mown or wild flower beds that have been deliberately laid out to provide bees with an excellent livelihood.

We drive positive impAct!

Together We are Shaping the Future – PALFINGER

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