Women in Tech – it suits them well

Women in Tech – it suits them well

International Women’s Day stands for the great accomplishments women made in the last century. It is a reminder of the road to equality which is still long and steep at times. The 8th of March devotes full attention to this topic; however, it is not one specific date but every single day which ought to remind us of gender balance. Yet, we would like to take International Women’s Day as an opportunity to once again highlight how we esteem women in our international company and value their performances accordingly.

Technical industries are still considered male-driven.  That is why we at PALFINGER are devoted to support women in on their career paths. We are committed to foster our corporate culture that embraces and promotes tolerance, respect and equal opportunities. In order to underline this mindset, we would like to introduce three strong women who have consciously chosen a technical profession at PALFINGER.

Why they have chosen PALFINGER as their employer and how their passion for technology is mirrored in their everyday work can be read here in three exclusive short interviews:

Christa Metz - Product Managment - takes a selfie at her workplace.

Christa Metz, Product Management

As a mechanical/operational technology engineer, I have always been fascinated by cranes. Especially when I was still working in the development department, I always swelled with pride as I saw our “babies”, in which we put all our heart and soul, in action for the first time. PALFINGER offers the opportunity for internal job changes and supports you to take on new challenges. The varied activities are what I enjoy most. I am the one who “accompanies” our products from the very beginning up to the marketing process and can also broaden my horizon with mounting and truck knowledge.

Johanna Teufl - apprentice painting technician - takes a selfie at her workplace.

Johanna Teufl, apprentice painting technician

After completing my apprenticeship as a coating technician, I was eager to do further training and became aware of the painting technician apprenticeship at PALFINGER. I am particularly enthusiastic about the diversity and variety of my apprenticeship. Working in many different departments offers me an insight into areas and helps me to find out where I would feel most comfortable after my apprenticeship. What I really appreciate as well is that my work schedule is often combined with seminars, workshops and excursions.

Megan Jacobs - Sales Marine - takes a selfie at her workplace.

Megan Jacobs, Sales

I am a fan of challenges. A job in the men-ruled metal industry sounded just right for me.  I am very communicative, so working in the field of sales is ideal for me. The working atmosphere, the wide range of offers for employees and the opportunities provided by PALFINGER have convinced me ever since! What’s best about my job is the variety and the communication with customers all over the world. I enjoy staying in contact with many different people and seeing our dealers and customers satisfied is the best reward.

Diversity and equal opportunities

For PALFINGER, diversity means appreciating and promoting differences. The active engagement with genders, talents, and generations enables innovative, fresh ideas. We aim to further increase diversity within our company by 2022 through newly defined goals and initiatives in the diversity strategy. Of course, this also includes encouraging more women to demonstrate their skills in the world of technology. Because we know women can do tech, and it suits them really well!

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