Get to know our employees: Ed Gerken, President PalFleet (USA)

Get to know our employees: Ed Gerken, President PalFleet (USA)

You want to know what it is like to work for PALFINGER?

Noone could be more qualified to answer this question than our employees. Therefore we want to introduce you to some of our employees from all over the world on our PALFINGER Blog.

This time Ed Gerken, President of our company PalFleet will tell us a little bit about his professional career, his job and  his overall experience with PALFINGER.

Name: Ed Gerken
Location: Tiffin, Ohio, USA
Job title: President, PalFleet Truck Equipment Company, LLC

My tasks and professional career:

I joined PALFINGER in 2005, so I have been part of the PALFINGER Group for more then ten years now. As a business unit head I have overall responsibility for strategy, planning, staffing and results for the PalFleet business unit. PalFleet has ten locations in the U.S. that I am responsible for.

My undergraduate degree is Industrial Engineering and I have a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). Before joining PALFINGER I was with a family-owned upholstered furniture manufacturing company where I rose from stacking lumber on the lumber yard to become President and Chairman of the Board over a 26-year career

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Why I chose PALFINGER as an employer:

PALFINGER presented an opportunity to take what I had learned in my previous career and apply it in a different industry. For me PALFINGER always has presented significant opportunities and challenges which have inspired me to learn and grow

The most important thing is that the values of PALFINGER align well with my own personal values, so it is a good fit for me. For example, a core value is respect, how we view and treat each other. I have a strong personal belief that we all are created equal and deserve equal respect, no matter what our role. So there is a strong alignment between the company’s value and my personal belief about respect. This is consistent for all of the PALFINGER values. As a result I am seldom put in a position where I am being asked to behave in a manner that is not consistent with my personal beliefs, because they are aligned with the company’s values.

What I like about my job:

People!  As a business unit leader I have the opportunity to build and develop a strong team of people and I am surrounded by some fantastic folks. They challenge and inspire me every day to do my best, to communicate clearly and to cast a compelling vision of our future together. This industry is small enough that I’ve been able to develop some great relationships with customers, vendors and, yes, even competitors over the years.

A Little Story at the end:

One of my hobbies is playing guitar and recently a colleague and I entertained Palfinger North America Group’s senior management team with two songs we created. One is called “Lifetime Excellence” and the other is based on John Lennon’s song “Imagine,” called “Imagine Palfinger.” It was fun, but I’m not much of a singer!

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