Get to know our employees: Evgenia Voronova, Deputy Head of Marketing (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Get to know our employees: Evgenia Voronova, Deputy Head of Marketing (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Name:                                                       Evgenia Voronova
Location:                                                 St. Petersburg
Position:                                                  Deputy Head of Marketing
Part of the PALFINGER Group since:  October 2012

About Me:

I devote my leisure time to my family and friends. We travel, go to theaters and museums and take walking tours in the conservation areas around our city. I try to find time to follow the latest trends in marketing and advertising. Also, I love cooking and treating my family to the dishes of cuisines from all over the world.

My Tasks and professional career:

I analyze the Russian lifting equipment market and promote our new local products. I work with our dealers and partners. We organize promos, exhibitions and presentations.

My global task is to understand the market, our position in it and the customers’ demands, and then to offer the market a truly interesting product.

My primary education was a technical one and I started my career as an engineer. However, later I switched over to the commercial field and started my advancement in marketing. In this regard, I got an additional business education in marketing planning.

Now, I can say that my greatest experience in marketing is associated with PALFINGER, as I first started dealing with this brand back in 2006, in a Russian distributor company on the basis of which PALFINGER later started its development in Russia. Thus, the establishment and development of the lifting equipment market was actually happening in front of my very eyes; I participated in the formation of a dealer network in Russia that helped us to achieve the #1 position in the Russian market.

My company gives an opportunity to undergo occupational trainings on an annual basis where one can adopt practices of the leading marketing experts.

This is important in my Job:

Without doubt, communication skills are very important, because in order to understand the market, it is required to get an information “at first hand” – from the dealers, end-customers and sellers – not just statistics.

It helps to form a coherent picture. Analytical skills and ability to forecast a situation are of no lesser value.

My advice for people that want to start working in this field is to demonstrate your professional competence to people and they will treat you with respect and trust. It can help you in your own career and contribute invaluably to your company’s progress.

Why I chose Palfinger as an employer:

Initially, it was PALFINGER that chose me – they invited me to work in a united and professional team being aware of my marketing experience

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. Now, my job at PALFINGER takes up a huge part of my life and my soul. I love everything about my job – our products, our team, our traditions.

I like the new plants being launched in Russia and new products being developed in front of my eyes; the company engages new interesting people, and it is really exciting to share experience and spend time with them.

The location St. Petersburg:

Our office in St. Petersburg is located in a historical area – in the premises of Russia’s first aeronautical school. Pioneer aircrafts were created here and launched in air over 100 years ago. I would like to believe that this energy of changes and new technologies is still helping us now.

My best / proudest moment at PALFINGER:

Together with our team, I try my best to make sure that all activities we conduct here make one be proud of PALFINGER and excite envy in our rivals. The launch of a new production shop in Ishimbai was really memorable.

Without getting into details, we have organized the best program in the entire course of our employment. The high point of the event was a superb fire-show performed by specially invited from St. Petersburg stunt artists. The entire city was watching it! It is an absolutely wonderful feeling – to be proud of an excellently done job!

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