PALFINGER BLADE ACCESS – efficient, innovative and safe

PALFINGER BLADE ACCESS – efficient, innovative and safe

The PALFINGER BLADE ACCESS (PBA) is an innovative solution for safe blade inspection and effective repair of wind turbine blades both on- and offshore.

PALFINGER BLADE ACCESS represents an enormous improvement with regard to service work on wind blades. Due to the stable position the working zones are more secure than before. They allow direct access to electricity and maintenance tools in the workman’s basket.

With the PALFINGER MARINE nacelle crane PK 40002 M the basket is easily lifted into operation, attached to the blade and can be stored on-site at the ground base. The time consuming handling of equipment can be reduced to a minimum. Due to the blade-guided design the service engineers follow the contours of the blade

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. That makes it also possible to remain at the same distance from the blade at all times.

Have a look at this awesome new, efficient solution:

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